This Fully Customizable Keyboard Is a Dream to Use

What makes a Higround Base 65 Keyboard worth talking about — by Gear Patrol Studios.

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Higround’s singular purpose is to create keyboards that are both out-of-the-box ready yet highly customizable, with killer graphics that make your peripherals centerpiece-worthy. With retro inspiration and modern design, these premium pieces look amazing and feel even better to use – for gaming, typing, work and more.

Now, the Base 65 Keyboard is here to make configuring your first keyboard — or falling in love with the last one you’ll ever need — all the easier.

higround white keyboard computer set up

The Backstory

Higround: The Best Looking (and Sounding) Keyboards

There really is nothing like the smooth feel and immensely satisfying sound of a premium keyboard, especially when it comes to the cutthroat world of gaming, where every keystroke counts. But Higround knows that keyboard ASMR shouldn't be reserved for the gaming crowd only.

That's why the brand offers keyboards like the Base 65 which provides out-of-the box performance while offering easy configuration. Translation: it's the perfected daily driver for all your computing needs, and the ideal gateway to custom keyboards. The brand's lineup includes drool-worthy, always-available designs and limited drops so stunning we’d frame them, if it wouldn’t put the ultra-buttery switches out of reach. Speaking of the latter, Higround has worked with the likes of Beats by Dre, Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog to create unique collabs.

The Gist

Why Is the Higround Base 65 Keyboard a Computing Essential?

The answer is twofold. First, the tech-y stuff: Higround’s signature 65 percent frame is compact but still has dedicated arrow keys for a roomy-feeling layout. The aluminum plate is highly durable and has excellent acoustics that make the sound of the included White Flame switches truly shine. The switches were co-designed with TTC for supreme feel and sound and are hot-swappable for when you want further customization down the line. Dual silicone dampening foam deepens the switch sound and adds heft.

An equal second to its technical prowess is the Base 65's unmatched aesthetics. Available in a variety of colorways and design styles including a topographic pattern, and translucent opal and crystal keys, all versions of the Base 65 feature dye-subbed keycaps made from PBT thermoplastic. Plus, as an added bonus, the keyboard's RBG backlights are fully programmable, allowing you to create any pattern you choose.


The Higround Base 65 Keyboard Is Perfect for Work and Play

From the moment it’s unboxed, this keyboard will elevate your setup to the professional level — in look, feel and function. And with Higround’s endlessly customizable framework and thoughtful 65 percent key layout, it’s a peripheral that can grow and change as your needs and aesthetics evolve. Whether you want to elevate your set-up for work or play — or both — snag a Base 65 Keyboard today.

Price: $135


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