A watch isn’t just a way to tell time; it’s a work of art. Seiko, one of the world’s oldest watchmakers, knows this well. The company has been making timepieces since 1881, debuting its first wristwatch, the Laurel, in 1913. The brand cemented itself as a premium watch maker in 1960 with the launch of the Grand Seiko line, which broke off in 2017 to dedicate itself only to the highest-quality luxury timepieces. Grand Seiko’s models are all handcrafted by skilled Japanese artisans and boast both impressive spring drive mechanisms and visually stunning designs. These offerings make for an excellent and relatively affordable gateway into the world of luxury watches.

Grand Seiko: Available Now at Burdeen’s Jewelry

In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, a luxury timepiece serves as not just a tool but also as an island of serenity. With Grand Seiko, a glance at your wrist transports you into another world: the meditative quiet of a forest, the dramatic beauty of the mountains or the calming vastness of open water. Where do you want your watch to take you? Explore Grand Seiko’s meticulously engineered watches now at Burdeen’s Jewelry.

Burdeen’s Jewelry is an official Authorized Dealer for Grand Seiko. See these watches and more at Burdeen's newest location, 120 E. Oak Street, Chicago, opening mid-December 2023.