These Delicious Seltzers Bring a Surprisingly Delightful Buzz

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No one wants to wake up with a hangover on a weekday. But that doesn’t mean you have to save the buzz for the weekend. WYNK offers the perfect solution: a zero-calorie, zero-sugar, zero-alcohol seltzer with, as the brand puts it, just a “WYNK” of THC, for a zero-regrets beverage that might just become your new social staple.

talking points wynk

The Backstory

WYNK: Seltzer + THC

Unlike some other infused seltzers, which can be manufactured by third-party vendors, WYNK actually makes its own products. This ensures a consistent, high-quality drink that deliver the dosage printed on the can every time.

Speaking of dosage, WYNK’s beverages come in two strengths: 2.5mg and 5mg of THC per can for low- and medium-dose options, respectively. (THC is the compound in cannabis that produces a high.) This THC is counterbalanced by an equal part of CBD, THC’s mellower, calming, non-psychoactive cousin, to produce a light, social buzz suitable for any gathering.

The Gist

Why Are WYNK’s Infused Seltzers a Game-Changer?

We already covered the main reasons you’d choose to reach for a WYNK instead of a boozy alternative But here’s an equally important factor: they’re absolutely delicious. The brand currently offers three fruit-forward flavors: Black Cherry Fizz, Lime Twist, and Juicy Mango.

Not sure which to try first? WYNK offers the perfect starting point with its Variety Pack ($65), which includes one six-pack of each of the refreshing flavors. Every can has 2.5mg each of both THC and CBD – ideal for casual sipping. And now, those seeking a stronger hit can also find the variety pack in new 5mg cans ($97).


WYNK’s Variety Pack Is Your New Weeknight Starter Pack

Be the hero at your next social gathering by bringing a WYNK Variety Pack, with a flavor for everyone. These delicious seltzers will bring a balanced buzz to the party, and with no calories or alcohol, will leave everyone waking up regret-free the next morning. Snag a selection of the best THC seltzers in town now.

Price: $65 – $97


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